Aug 04 2022

Truth AND Dare

Training in East Asia is no game. The reality is that if you choose to teach the Truth, you inherently put yourself at risk. Even favorable conditions are no guarantee for smooth sailing, except for God’s grace. SALT’s recent ministry at the Millet site is a case in point.

Despite sporadic COVID outbreaks in his hometown, seasoned trainer Joshua braved the danger of being sent into quarantine and missing his scheduled training of the course we call Practical Church Management (PCM).

Upon arrival, Joshua was immediately ordered by health authorities to serve a two-week isolation mandate. With training due to start in two days, this posed a big threat. In effect, this would have sabotaged the entire program. Most disappointed would have been the students at Millet since training there had been suspended for months already. They were yearning to study the truths of the Bible again.

Just when everyone was at a loss, suddenly a sister who happened to work at the center for disease control stepped in to resolve the problem. By divine intervention, Joshua was thus released to teach the course as planned. But this was not the biggest challenge!

On the second day of training, a group of local police officers came to patrol the area surrounding the site. More than 100 students were gathered inside the classroom at the time. Under the current policy, the consequences for holding a large-scale function of such nature are serious, regardless of a pandemic. Prayer was the only recourse. Thanks to God our Defender and Deliverer, the officers eventually departed without entering the training venue. The crisis was averted.

Surprisingly, these successive setbacks fueled the fervor for learning among the 140 or so students, half of whom were Certificate Course candidates, the other half neighboring believers thirsting for Bible teaching. Proactive and passionate, they safely completed three consecutive days of intensive training, at long last feeling satisfied and fortified.

Undeterred by hurdles or hazards, our students stood firm against fear. As the training drew to an end, they rallied around Joshua and his fellow trainer, urging them to “come back and teach again as soon as possible – don’t make us wait so long again!” What zeal and zest! We count on your continued partnership as we seek to enrich and equip the church in East Asia.

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