Dec 06 2022

Carpe Diem

As 2022 draws to a close, we bring you a story of SALT trainers and students who seized the day, despite hazards and hard work.

One Monday in November, two of our SALT trainers hurried to the SC site. They were slated to teach our Old Testament Survey 1, 100 Steps (OT 1) course the next morning. En route, they heard that several other trainings got postponed due to the pandemic. They had only one plea in their hearts: “Lord, please don’t let this training be affected.”

PTL that classes began as scheduled, but the crisis was not over. Before noon, they received news of an outbreak three miles away. The site manager, students and even our teachers were overcome with anxiety. They feared that once the scope of the lockdowns expanded, this location would be immediately shut down, meaning they all would be stranded at this training site until the lockdown was lifted!

There were only two options. The first was to immediately cancel the rest of the training so that everyone could safely return home. The second was to take a risk and continue the class. After some deliberation, the latter was decided on.

“We all agreed that this was a rare window of opportunity,” relayed one trainer. “Cherishing this chance, we completed the three-day course in just two days! After a half-hour dinner break, we pressed on until 9:30 pm the first night. Classes kicked off at 6:30 am the next morning and finished again at 9:30 pm.”

The training concluded, and everyone quickly departed. Braving the chilly winds with tired bodies, our trainers raced home to avoid getting caught in any lockdowns. They pleaded, “Lord, please keep us from getting trapped away from home due to COVID.” Finally, after hours of travel, they reached home safely.

One training in two days instead of three – as always, we witnessed God’s faithfulness and protection over SALT. Moreover, we saw our students’ eagerness to learn, their hunger for the truth, and their tireless attitudes. Last but not least, we saw our teachers’ courage and commitment to their calling. All glory and thanks to God for their carpe diem spirit!

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