Our Goals in 2023

 “Your strength will equal your days” (Deuteronomy 33:25 NIV). Yet how true these words have proven for SALT. Yes, our ministry had almost come to a grinding halt; our co-workers were left at a loss. But we learned a valuable year-long lesson in faith as the Lord led SALT out from the pit to attain unfathomable heights at unexpected speeds. This year, our staff stands ready to push ahead in His strength to reach these new goals:

  1. Help the national workers to establish a training and curriculum team in East Asia with an end goal to make the region self-sufficient in teaching and producing teaching materials, reducing any adverse impact of worsening weather conditions
  2. Fine tune the Three-Year Certificate Program
  3. Official launch of the Two-Year Diploma Program
  4. Start writing the new course, Philippians
  5. Final editing of the course, Nehemiah
  6. Complete the revision of Old Testament Survey 4 (OT4)