Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. We had a successful board meeting last month. May the Lord lead us to implement the decisions taken in the meeting so that the ministry can continue to develop.
  2. Due to the busy farming season, SALT training will be suspended this month. Please pray that all teachers will renew their strength after the break.
  3. The revision of Old Testament Survey 4 (OT4) has entered into the final stages. Two field tests have been arranged in June and July. Please pray that both field tests will be  successfully completed.


  1. Pray that the Lord will protect our SALT trainers teaching at different sites this month.
  2. Our Board of Directors will meet later this month. May God preside over the proceedings, and empower us to achieve resounding results for His glory.
  3. We are finalizing the revision of our Old Testament, Part 4 course (Ruth through Esther). Pray that this revamped curriculum will bless churches and believers across East Asia.


  1. SALT staff have been communicating with the national team regarding curriculum work. They are having a face to face meeting this month. This aims to help them grow into an excellent and independent curriculum team through years of experience sharing. Pray that the discussion can benefit the team in this gathering.
  2. The revision of Old Testament 4 (OT4) is in the final stages and is expected to be completed before mid-year as scheduled. May the Lord use the revised curriculum to help churches and believers grow in the region.
  3. Thank God that we have conducted about 15 trainings in the first quarter of 2024. More trainings will be held this month. Please pray for the safety and health of our trainers.