Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. PTL that training is able to proceed for now. Please pray for the safety of the teachers, students as well as the training sites.
  2. SALT’s board will meet this month. Please pray for a smooth and effective meeting.
  3. Lord-willing we will soon visit our national trainers to express our appreciation for their contributions and to listen to their concerns during this unprecedented time of difficulty and anxiety. Please pray for a meaningful and fruitful visit.


  1. Since the prevention measures have finally been lifted, SALT teachers can now resume training in different places in April. May the Lord keep the teachers and students safe and healthy, and the classes on track to be completed smoothly.
  2. Joseph, Head of National Trainers, will meet the management team and discuss the ministry direction post pandemic. This is the first physical meeting in three years. Pray for the Lord’s guidance for constructive results.
  3. The board meeting will be held in May. May the Lord guide and direct this meeting and the results be according to His will.
  4. Dr. Stephen Torgerson, co-founder of SALT, will retire at the end of April. He will continue to serve as a volunteer. We are so grateful for Dr. Torgerson’s invaluable contribution to the organization over the past 27 years. May the Lord bless his family with good health and happiness.


  1. Multiple trainings have been arranged this month. May the Lord grant health and safety to every teacher and trainee, and protection over every training site and staff.
  2. PTL we are on track for the writing of our new curriculum Nehemiah. Please cover our editorial staff for keen sense and insight, as well as for wisdom and ability to complete the project by the end of 2023.
  3. Teachers from East Asia will meet this month to discuss ministry strategies for the year. Pray that their meeting proceeds safely and smoothly, so that fruitful results may be achieved for God’s kingdom glory!