Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. SALT trainers are currently celebrating the Lunar New Year in their hometown. May they have a happy Spring Festival with their families.
  2. Training will resume at the end of February. Please continue to pray for the safety and health of the trainers.
  3. The curriculum team is writing a new course Philippians while the revision of the old course OT4 (Old Testament Series 4) is in the final stages. Please pray for smooth writing and revision.


  1. SALT trainers will continue to teach at different training sites this year. Ask the Lord to protect them, care for their families, and allow them to serve with peace of mind and with faithfulness.
  2. The overall environment is still unfavorable, and various training sites have been suspended due to bad weather. Pray for God’s protection and improved conditions so that classes can resume.
  3. Due to a decrease in revenue, SALT recorded a moderate deficit last year. Join us in trusting God for His timely provision so that the ministry may continue unhindered.


  1. Please continue to pray for our trainers who will teach at various locations. May God keep them and their students safe and healthy.
  2. SALT Board of Directors will meet this month to discuss next year’s direction. Pray that the meeting will be smooth and fruitful under God’s leadership.
  3. SALT trainers will be convening soon to discuss training matters. Ask God to guide their conversations so that they may set and reach the goals He has planned for us.
  4. Join us in declaring God’s faithfulness to provide for our finances so that our ministry will not be hampered.