Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. Rejoice with us as training resumes post-lockdown. Remember the health and safety of our trainers who will be teaching at different sites this month.
  2. Our curriculum team is busy completing the new course The Book of James while also revising Old Testament Survey, 100 Steps. Please pray for wisdom and strength so that both projects can be finished on schedule.
  3. Several training opportunities with local churches are in the pipeline. Pray for training to start as the pandemic eases.
  4. Continue to cover our SALT colleagues who are undergoing medical treatment. Please lift them up to the Great Physician for swift healing and smooth recoveries.


  1. Leaders at the “WP” training site asked if some of their recent graduates could tag along as observers watching our team teach at other sites. It is another form of “teacher training” which will ultimately benefit the churches where they serve. While we really like this idea, we also do not want to underestimate the challenges. Will you pray with us about this fascinating proposal?
  2. SALT training will gradually resume in March. However, two to three training sites located in remote areas will remain closed due to the COVID situation. Please keep praying for all training to resume as the pandemic gets under control.
  3. The SALT team has been hit hard by various health issues. Most, if not all, staff have been suffering different illnesses. Recently, some of our close relatives were accidentally injured. Please pray for God’s protection over us and our family members so that we can focus our attention on this ministry, His kingdom work, for His glory.


  1. As the pandemic eases, Lord-willing we will hold graduation ceremonies at four to five more sites with about 100 graduates certified to teach SALT courses. Pray for God’s protection over them as they teach others at their respective churches.
  2. We have been requested by a few training sites to offer advanced SALT courses on top of the certificate program. Pray for God’s clear direction as we carefully consider their requests.
  3. SALT’s training in East Asia has been affected by a new round of the pandemic. Training originally scheduled for this month has been postponed to a later date. Please pray for wisdom as we re-arrange the training schedule to minimize adverse effects. Pray also for the safety and health of all students and trainers.
  4. Ningo, our SALT ministry director successfully underwent an operation and is now recuperating. Pray for God’s blessing and protection upon him during his recovery.