Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. Training in East Asia resumed last month with two trainings being conducted. Thank God both went well. Additional trainings are scheduled for this month. Please pray for the health and safety of both trainers and students.
  2. Locally, we will continue trainings in the second half of 2020, teaching Church History and OT100 Steps. We are also discussing cooperation opportunities with other local churches. Please pray for these trainings and discussions.
  3. The translation work of CoreStory is going smoothly. Professionals have been recruited to translate the course into Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese and Cambodian. Please pray for the quality and progress of the translation work. Please also pray that the course will be a blessing throughout the region.
  4. Kevin, our CoreStory trainer, and his family will return to the US this month to pursue the next stage of their ministry. Please pray for a fruitful future, smooth adaptation to their new ministry, and peace and grace for his family. Kevin has made a significant contribution to the SALT team. We will miss their family.
  5. Please continue to pray for God’s provision to SALT amid the pandemic of COVID-19.