Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. SALT trainers will visit two venues this month. Pray that the Lord will keep them safe, and give students a fruitful experience.
  2. At a third venue, two local SALT teachers will conduct One Hundred Steps of the Old Testament History this month.
  3. The Board of Directors will convene at the beginning of this month. Pray for the meeting to run smoothly, and for the Lord of History to help us set our sights on His will, and direct our way ahead.


  1. Please pray for the safety and health of our national trainers as they teach in various areas this month. It is increasingly risky to travel as different disasters are now affecting the region.
  2. We plan to teach Chinese Church History 2 and OT Survey, 100 Steps (OT100) in two local churches during the third quarter of 2020. Please pray that both trainings can be launched on schedule.
  3. We are now revising two courses: OT100 and NT100. Please pray for our curriculum staff to revise both courses smoothly.


  1. Thank God that SALT training in the Far East resumed in mid-May, with three courses now successfully completed. More sites will resume classes in July. We expect that over 75 percent of our training sites will return to normal during the latter half of 2020. Please pray for our teachers, students and partner churches in the region, especially for health and security issues.
  2. SALT trainers will be teaching at three local churches during the third quarter, which is in line with our vision to develop our ministry locally. Please pray for smooth teaching with fruitful results.
  3. Our national leadership team met this month to formulate policies for the upcoming year. Since there are many challenges in the foreseeable future, please pray for our trainers to carry out their work safely and effectively.