Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. Our national trainers will meet this month to review their ministry, and to finalize strategies for next year. Please pray for their safety, and for a smooth and fruitful meeting.
  2. Pray for God’s protection over trainers and students in East Asia this month as they teach at several training sites.
  3. Give thanks for the launch of the Book of James last month. Pray that the course will be widely used and helpful in equipping church leaders in the region.
  4. Around Thanksgiving, we received some generous donations which improved our financial situation, PTL! We are grateful for God’s provision, and thank you all for your ongoing support!


  1. Please pray for the safety and health of our head trainers and their students as they gather for training at different sites this month.
  2. SALT’s Board of Directors will meet this month to discuss future strategies and plans. Please pray for clarity and unity as we seek His will.
  3. Our national trainers will be meeting to finalize training plans for 2022. Pray for smooth Spirit-led discussions and fruitful outcomes.
  4. SALT has recorded a moderate deficit so far this year. Trust with us for God’s perfect provision so that His work may continue unhindered for His glory.


  1. Several training events are on the schedule for October. Please pray for the health and safety of all trainers and students, and that they will benefit richly from these trainings.
  2. Board members will meet next month to review our 2022 plans. Please pray for smooth and fruitful discussions guided by the Lord.
  3. Recognizing a great need for this course in East Asia, we are preparing to revise Old Testament Survey, Part 4 (historical books from Ruth to Esther). Please pray for wisdom and health for our editors so they can complete the revision without delay.
  4. SALT has been running a deficit during the first three quarters of 2021. Let’s trust God for His perfect provision so that the ministry can proceed unhindered. Declare with us that His grace is sufficient, and that His mercies overflow!