Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. Praise God for the various courses being taught at multiple training sites. Pray for safety and health of trainers and students, and for practical application of their learning.
  2. Give thanks for another batch of graduates of the Three-Year Certificate Program this month! Pray that they will put to good use all their learning from the Program.
  3. To streamline resources, renovation work will begin to reduce office space by half. Please cover this project with prayers for a smooth completion, as well as for protection over all the workmen.
  4. Our national trainers will soon be convening to evaluate the training activities over the past six months, and to explore the future direction of the ministry. Lift them up for a safe and fruitful meeting to the glory of God.


  1. Give thanks for the various training events held in May. Pray for the safety and health of our teachers and students.
  2. Sister KW has begun teaching NT Survey, 100 Steps at her home church, marking the resumption of local training. Two to four more courses are being planned for the coming months. Please pray that all trainings will be smooth and effective.
  3. Several courses are under revision, including OT Survey, 100 Steps and Homiletics.  Pray for the health and energy of the curriculum team editors as they work on these projects.
  4. Our Board meeting will take place this month.  Please pray for a smooth and fruitful meeting to the glory of God.


  1. Rejoice with us as training resumes post-lockdown. Remember the health and safety of our trainers who will be teaching at different sites this month.
  2. Our curriculum team is busy completing the new course The Book of James while also revising Old Testament Survey, 100 Steps. Please pray for wisdom and strength so that both projects can be finished on schedule.
  3. Several training opportunities with local churches are in the pipeline. Pray for training to start as the pandemic eases.
  4. Continue to cover our SALT colleagues who are undergoing medical treatment. Please lift them up to the Great Physician for swift healing and smooth recoveries.