Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. As SALT trainers kick off the new year at different training sites, pray for the Lord’s blessing upon every teacher and student, that He would keep them safe and healthy, and enable quality learning.
  2. The final stages of our new course on the Book of James and revision of our old course, OT Survey, 100 Steps, are near completion. Pray for God’s wisdom so that the editors can finish their work on time. Pray that these courses can be of practical benefit to churches and believers in East Asia.
  3. Two local churches have invited SALT to teach NT Survey, 100 Steps and Church History, Part 1, pending social-distancing protocol. Pray for the Lord to provide a suitable venue.
  4. During these difficult days, SALT recorded a modest deficit for 2020. However, SALT’s overall financial position remains healthy. We are so thankful for God’s perfect provision as well as loyal support from partners like you. Pray that the Lord continues to supply all our needs for His kingdom work.


  1. The Board meets this month to discern the long-term direction for SALT’s development. Pray for God’s guidance that all will go according to His plan.
  2. Christmas is fast-approaching but our teachers are still working full-steam ahead at multiple training sites. Pray that all teachers and students will remain healthy during the pandemic, and that training will be to God’s glory and the benefit of believers.
  3. Pray for the smooth collection of training data from our Three-Year Certificate Programs so that we can carry out effective evaluation for improvement.
  4. With the economic downturn, SALT expects to run a moderate deficit in 2020. Pray for God’s perfect provision so that we may continue supporting our team of trainers in their commitment to teach and reach more people with God’s truth!


  1. As you pray and give to SALT, be encouraged that your partnership helps us equip and empower many, many more just like Ah-Shen. By late October, we are operating in a deficit. Would you prayerfully consider SALT’s needs with your year-end giving?
  2. Given the pervasive uncertainty of our training environment, our training strategy is in constant flux. Pray for divinely inspired adjustments and solutions to our ministry efforts.
  3. Pray for the Lord’s covering of peace and health over all trainers and students as our staff continues to teach SALT courses in several training venues this month.
  4. In October, we finished teaching OT Survey, 100 Steps without interruption, with a new local church partner. This teaching experience will be further used as a model to update and revise this course, now over 20 years old. Pray for wisdom and strength to complete the revision process, so that more churches in East Asia may benefit from it.