Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. As the pandemic continues to worsen in parts of East Asia, training plans have been put on hold. Pray for the Lord’s help to bring COVID under control so that training can soon return to normal.
  2. Three SALT teachers began teaching NT Survey, 100 Steps at a local church (KT) in August. The church hopes that all 19 participants will become teachers after the training to equip more believers.
  3. Thank God that the writing of the new course, Book of James, has been completed. With our next course, Book of Nehemiah, it is our intent that SALT trainers inside East Asia will take on most of the writing work. Our purpose in giving them this experience is to help them improve their writing skills in order to take a step closer to building an independent curriculum team in the future. Please pray for divine inspiration for these dear brothers!


  1. Please cover our East Asian trainings this month, for health and safety of all our national trainers, as well as for effective learning by students.
  2. We are excited to teach our newly revised course NT Survey, 100 Steps at a local church this month, where we taught OT Survey, 100 Steps last year.  Students there are transferring this course with great gusto!  Pray they will continue this trend after completing NT Survey, 100 Steps.
  3. PTL we met with our national trainers last month to evaluate the progress of our Three-Year Certificate Program.  Important decisions were reached, so please pray that we will be able to carry these out for God’s glory.
  4. SALT recorded a deficit in the first seven months of 2021. Pray in faith for God’s perfect provision to sustain His work through our ministry.


  1. As a number of training courses kick off this month, pray for the safety of SALT trainers and also for effective learning by each of the students.
  2. Our national training leaders will convene this month to review SALT’s progress in the first half of 2021. Pray for a smooth and fruitful meeting in which they will also be making plans for the future direction of the ministry.
  3. Praise the Lord that the writing of the new course Book of James will soon be completed. Pray that this course will be a blessing to believers throughout East Asia.