Thank you for your prayerful support


  1. Our Board of Directors will meet this month. Pray for fruitful discussions under God’s guidance so that we may do His will.
  2. Please cover the safety of all our partnering sites, national trainers, and students under the current challenging environment and strict lockdowns.
  3. Thank God for the smooth completion of the third and final trial test of the revised Homiletics course. Pray for our editors to finish reviewing the comments received so that the course can be officially launched early next year. May it greatly bless the churches in East Asia.
  4. A moderate deficit has been recorded for SALT this year. Join us in trusting God for His abundant provision so that our ministry may continue to equip and strengthen believers for His kingdom glory!


  1. COVID cases are still spiking in parts of East Asia. As such, pandemic prevention measures have not been relieved in certain areas. Yet with God’s guidance and guarding, we successfully completed 13 training sessions in the third quarter. Looking ahead, we anticipate continued challenges in our work. Pray for the Lord’s leading in the final quarter, and for His protection over all teachers, students and training sites.
  2. Our second board meeting of the year will take place next month. Pray for a smooth and fruitful meeting so we may discern God’s direction and goals for 2023.
  3. A considerable deficit was recorded for the first three quarters of 2022 due to a drop in revenue. Trust with us for God’s supernatural supply so that His ministry may carry on seamlessly for His glory.


  1. Despite the pandemic, some of our national trainers will teach at several different sites this month. Pray for their health and security. Please also cover the safety of students and training site.
  2. A number of trainings have been temporarily suspended due to COVID. Pray for the prompt reopening of sites, and for God’s protection over churches and believers across East Asia.
  3. The revision of an old course Homiletics is in its closing stage. Pray that our curriculum team will complete this process by year-end.