Guiding Principles

Principles that direct how we implement training

Whole Person Training

We desire to see fully developed pastors who are filled with knowledge, character, and skill. Toward that end, we train the head, the heart, and the feet. A deficiency in any of these areas leads to an unbalanced ministry and the church suffers. We seek to develop approved workmen who have no cause to be ashamed (2 Timothy 2:15).

Systematic Approach

We start where the pastors are and advance from there at a rate they can learn (1 Corinthians 3:1). We assume very little prior knowledge so we start with basics. This prevents gaps in their foundation and gives confidence to transfer because the content is accessible.

Comprehensive Scope

Fulfilling the Great Commission requires a thorough instruction in God’s commands (Matthew 28:20). Starting basic does not mean we stay basic. We desire pastors to be built up to face all sorts of challenges. This means our curriculum is extensive and diverse.

Cross Centered

Before we decide to teach anything we ask ourselves if this knowledge will enable someone to better “take up their cross” (Matthew 16:24). If it does not make someone a better disciple, we do not want to teach it. We purposely stay away from teaching that is controversial or divisive.


We do not ask pastors to come to where we are, instead we get as close as we can to their ministry context. This allows us to be better teachers and ensures that we do not remove these essential leaders from their natural environment, which causes many to not return (Mark 16:15). We want them to remain in active ministry.


Our material is designed to be passed on. We demonstrate a teaching style centered on memorization aids. By passing on this pattern of sound teaching (2 Timothy 1:13), we build confidence in students to quickly become competent teachers.


The reason for our ministry and our mission is that we want to see exponential leadership growth in the church. Our heart is to foster training movements that reach people we will never see.