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Systematic Asian Leadership Training

SALT serves where church growth is exploding, education is low, and poverty is common. We are dedicated to creating Biblically sound materials that are tailor made for our target audiences so that nationals become the primary teachers equipping church leaders.

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SALT responds to requests from individuals for help with training. 

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SALT partners with churches to increase their missional impact.

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SALT empowers NGOs with tools to increase pastoral training capacity. 

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  • New Work in the New Year

    We ring in the new year with praise to God for the graduation of 20 students from our Three-Year Certificate Program at the WP training site in December 2020. With plans to open up another four to five sites, w...

  • The Lord has led me on the Journey

    It’s claimed by some that evangelism in East Asia is headed for a cold winter, but how true is this? No-one knows for sure, but after hearing the heartening and humbling feedback from our lead-trainers in the field, we...

  • Shattered Expectations

    Ah-Shen was not new to training programs. She had been to several before and had grown weary of them . . . dry content and of little practical use for ministry. She stayed away from SALT training in her area until a friend co...

  • Autumn Again

    As the Chinese saying goes, “Time flies: another autumn is upon us.” Looking back on 2020 thus far with all the unprecedented hardships, we give thanks to God because it is solely by His grace that our ministry ha...

Testimonials from Our Partners

What others say about SALT

From a National SALT Trainer

 Preacher from East Asia

“I  have been a servant of the Lord for over 30 years. What God has done in our country is beyond our understanding and expectation. For almost 20 years, I have been using SALT materials to provide leadership training. I have traveled to more than 20 provinces where SALT courses are taught to rural church leaders. Those who receive the training strongly endorse SALT materials because they are systematic, comprehensive, easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to transfer to others. God is using the SALT team to effectively equip and train the next generation of church leaders to be His servants.”

Bless Vietnam Initiative

Quang Nguyen, President

“SALT has brought clarity of Truth and deep understanding to the simple believers in Northwest Vietnam where training is rare and seldom at an appropriate level for low education learners. It is not just SALT materials, but also the devout SALT trainers who have given Vietnamese pastors a model of Godly teaching that inspires them to do the same in their villages. I appreciate the way SALT trainers modified their teaching illustrations to adjust to their audience. SALT’s impact has been very profound!”

The Stewardship Foundation

 Dr. Cary Paine, Executive Director

“The need for pastoral training in Asia is well-documented, and many organizations are engaged in leadership development. We appreciate SALT’s practical and serious grassroots approach to curriculum development and training. Engaging national leaders, they focus upon this one thing and they do it very well. SALT doesn’t strive to be the biggest and best – but simply faithful and effective to their calling. The mustard seed principle is at work. They offer a high value investment. Their impact on the growth of the Church in Asia is impressive.”