May 05 2024

What COVID Could Not Stop

March 2021 saw the peak of the pandemic across East Asia. While most citizens were hiding at home in fear of further outbreaks, a group of church leaders risked their lives and seized every opportunity to partake in SALT’s Three-Year Certificate Program at our NP training site. At last, they overcame all obstacles and successfully graduated!

At the graduation ceremony, student speaker John Tan (pseudonym) shared highlights of their take-aways: “During these past few years I have witnessed our growth, and we have strengthened our loyalty to the Lord. We took a total of ten electives over three years. Every course was impressive. In each lesson, teachers clearly and accurately imparted biblical truths to us.

a. Through the simple motions and easy-to-remember tools in Old Testament Survey 100, we gained a clear understanding of the Bible’s historical development over hundreds of years.

b. Through Guard Against and Refute Heresy, we developed spiritual sensitivity and profound insight into false doctrines.

c. Through Spiritual Formation, we learned about the character qualities of God’s servants and the secret to becoming role models.

d. Practical Church Management taught us how to become an effective leader and a faithful, knowledgeable servant.

e. Christian Home provided guidance on how to build our own homes that would be most blessed by God.

f. Our final course, Book of James, gave us a wake-up call. No matter how much knowledge or truth we learn, if we do not practice God’s Word by faith, we are just a body without a soul, as if dead. Not only would we be useless, we would not be fit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you, Lord, for enabling us to grow in wisdom and knowledge during these three years of study, allowing us to understand that true service is an outflow of life. Only by obeying the Lord’s will can we live as Christ. Therefore, teaching cannot simply convey head-knowledge, but must also transform lives.

During our limited time on earth, may the Lord help us shine bright to lead the lost out of darkness. May our hearts burn like balls of fire and set ablaze lukewarm hearts around us.”


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