Our Vision and Passion is to Train Pastors

The mission of SALT is to assist the church in Asia by equipping leaders to train others.

The typical influence from traditional education tells us to gather degreed faculty members at a Bible school or seminary campus to teach pre-ministry students for 2-3 years. Although there are some good points to this model, there is a radical difference in our approach. For a large section of church leadership in Asia, the traditional model does not serve them well. We have developed an approach that addresses the critical needs of this significant group.

Local church leaders are looking to SALT to assist them in their efforts to raise up qualified harvesters for their ripe fields. God has been using the SALT team since 1996 to gradually create a new pastoral training curriculum, uniquely written and deliberately taught so that church leaders with a very low education level can teach other future pastors with confidence and competence as they raise up qualified leaders for ministry.

Motivated Spiritual Leaders

SALT is looking for people in ministry because life experience motivates them to learn the right things for the right reasons.

Exploding Growth

SALT is looking for a population or people group where conversion growth of the church is exploding but there is an acute lack of qualified shepherds.

The Disqualified 

SALT embraces those disqualified or discouraged from attending formal Bible schools due to their low education level.

Economically Depressed Leaders

SALT is searching for spiritual leaders from lower economic levels of society, who cannot afford to move to the city and attend a Bible institute.

Floundering Leaders

SALT is searching for leaders that are floundering without a clear strategy or the appropriate tools to train other pastors.

Training Sites
Directly Trained
Trained Through Multiplication