Meet the team members

Steve Torgerson

Steve serves as Executive Director and is also responsible for organizational fundraising. After 10 years as a church planter in Asia, Steve’s focus changed to equipping active and mature church leaders who had no suitable resources to teach and train the next generation of Asia’s church leaders. Steve loves working with the innovative and creative SALT team!

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Cary Clifton

Nearly every one of SALT’s 30 courses has Cary’s influence, and he is the primary author of more than 12. Cary has served as the Curriculum Director, pioneering ways to help low-literacy pastors author courses for believers in their home country. He has also served as Director of Field Operations in East Asia, assisting trainers with pedagogy and strategy.

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Steve Wible

After pastoring churches in both the U.S. and Asia, God led Steve to co-found SALT with Steve Torgerson and Cary Clifton. Steve has served in a variety of roles within the organization and cannot imagine a more fulfilling ministry experience than training pastors for the fastest growing church in history. Currently, Steve serves as Pastoral Care Coordinator for the team of National Trainers.

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Nathan Clifton

In the beginning years, SALT training was only available in East Asia. Nathan joined the team in order to expand SALT’s reach and currently oversees all training and curriculum for Southeast and South Asia. Using SALT principles, he has developed an intentional process for beginning training in a new location and has experience partnering with individuals, churches, and other organizations in order to provide useful training for specific target groups.

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Kevin Clouse

Kevin moved to Asia and joined the work of training leaders in early 2016. He and Nathan Clifton form the team focused on developing new training locations in Southeast and South Asia. His contributions have thus far been invaluable for the co-creation of curriculum and solidification of training methodology.

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National Training Team

SALT works with a team of bi-vocational pastors to provide curriculum and strategic support towards the goal of equipping local church leaders to train others. SALT is committed to empowering nationals to do as much of the ministry as possible, from teaching courses to creating them.

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The Curriculum Team

The Curriculum Team has authored, edited, and/or revised 30 courses, all designed specifically for pastors with low levels of education and little access to formal Biblical education. Current curriculum efforts have turned toward applying recent methods and standards to older courses written ten years ago.

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Administrative Team

SALT is blessed with a strong team of administrative personnel to keep track of finances, donors, training schedules, visas, communication, and generally keep ministry operations running smoothly. This tri-lingual team is all from Asia, but have adapted well to working with a multi-cultural office environment.

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