Nov 08 2023

Feedback from the Field

PTL for the positive responses from students who participated in the two field tests of our latest course, the Book of Nehemiah! Listen to what Brother Xu had to say about how it impacted his personal spiritual life: 

“This course has been very helpful for my spiritual life. A Christian’s growth depends on knowing God and understanding His word. This was the first time I learned through expository teaching about a book from the Bible. It is a systematic and comprehensive approach that greatly spurs our spiritual growth.

Nehemiah not only rebuilt the city wall but also placed emphasis on renewing the spiritual lives of the Israelites. Yet today, we often observe God’s children focusing only on material needs, financial difficulties, daily stress and persecution. We tend to neglect our spiritual needs and lose our passion for pursuing the truth. Meantime, we have grown more arrogant and self-conceited. We worry more about expanding our social network and consolidating our authority by working only with those who are close to us. Consequently, the church has lost much of its witnessing power, and dishonored God’s name.

While we are young, we should ask God to open our eyes to see how we can meet the needs of the church. We need to repent before Him, put aside our prejudices, seriously study His word, and obey His will!”

Sister Yan shared the following after class: 

“I had previously studied the book of Nehemiah during an online class. This time, however, we studied the whole book thoroughly and I gained much more. Many messages from the book shed light on today’s situation.

Firstly, this course gave me a deeper understanding of Nehemiah’s godliness, his good sense of responsibility, wisdom, courage, selfless dedication, and his relentless dependence on God, in particular when he faced internal setbacks and external attacks. His godly life inspired many, and he became a role model for everyone. From Nehemiah’s example, I realized that renewing the spiritual life of the people is more important than rebuilding the city wall. Nehemiah therefore started to read from God’s law and arranged for his people to listen to the preaching of God’s law. Subsequently, the people began to obey God’s law by observing the festivals, confessing their sins, supporting the priests and Levites, keeping their marriages holy, etc. A revival was experienced and God’s name was exalted and glorified.

Additionally, this course has helped me immensely in my ministry. For now, I have a model to follow for the future. I commit to responsibly serve Him with all my heart, to strictly abide by the principles of the Bible, and to clearly teach God’s laws. May I be a servant who pleases God and whose ministry is blessed by Him!”

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